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  2. May 24,  · By Mayo Clinic Staff Hormone replacement therapy — medications containing female hormones to replace the ones the body no longer makes after menopause — is sometimes used to .
  3. Browse our extensive directory of the best Therapists, Psychologists and Counselors near you.
  4. 7 synonyms of therapy from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for therapy. Therapy: something that corrects or counteracts something .
  5. Psychotherapy is often used either alone or in combination with medications to treat mental illnesses. Called "therapy" for short, the word psychotherapy actually involves a variety of treatment.
  6. ther·a·py (thĕr′ə-pē) n. pl. ther·a·pies 1. Treatment of illness, injury, or disability. 2. Psychotherapy. 3. Healing power or quality: the therapy of fresh air and sun. [New Latin therapia, from Greek therapeia, from therapeuein, to treat medically; see therapeutic.] therapy .
  7. therapy definition: 1. a treatment that helps someone feel better, grow stronger, etc., especially after an illness.
  8. 1: therapeutic medical treatment of impairment, injury, disease, or disorder The number of new patients treated for end-stage renal disease with dialysis or renal transplantation has continued to rise exponentially with an % annualized growth rate reaching more than , patients undergoing therapy .

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